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What is a Gang?

"Any group of people who engage in socially disruptive or criminal behavior. They are usually territorial and operate by creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation in a community. They will have some form of leadership and a method of operation and recruitment. They should be taken seriously and dealt with swiftly."

-Federal Bureau of Investigation

What is Gang-Wars?
Gang-Wars is a multiplayer, strategy web-based game. In Gang-Wars all your opponents are real people. Become a thug, drug dealer, or pimp, and group with others to battle rival gangs in an effort to become number one. Gang-Wars is a "turn" based game. As you perform basic actions, turns are used. You will receive new turns every 5 minutes.

Features of Gang-Wars:
  • A simulated drug market where you can buy and sell various drugs to make money.

  • You can recruit Pimps, Drug Dealers, and Thugs to build your gang into a thriving, profit-producing outfit.

  • Customization of your character through the advancement of five Life Skills: Guerrilla Warfare, Women's Studies, Chemistry, Sixth Sense, and Sexual Education.

  • You can form gangs with other players for protection, pooling of resources, and for coordinated attacks on enemy gangs.

  • A ranking system that displays your rank among all players, as well as your gang's rank among all gangs playing.

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